Nutrient Management Planning Through RCPP

Nutrient Management Planning Assistance

The Windham County NRCD is currently looking for five small livestock farm operations to sign up for nutrient management planning assistance through the statewide RCPP, or Regional Conservation Partnership Program.

The program begins with a conservation interview at the farm to get the lay of the land and identify goals the farmer has for the farm. The District assists the farm with soil sampling for every field, and works with a VACD Land Treatment Planner, who develops a Land Treatment Plan for the farm. Those plans include maps of every field and, along with soil and manure spreading data, eventually get incorporated into the Nutrient Management Plan.

Farmers then participate in once a week classes from January to early March, taught by Heather Darby at UVM Extension. Through the use of online software, they then develop their own Nutrient Management Plan. The program is free for farmers and means that farms get their own NMP in a relatively short period of time.

To participate in the program, farms must meet the qualifications of a Certified Small Farm Operation, meaning they must have at least one of the following: 50 mature dairy cows, 75 young stock or heifers, 75 cattle or cow/calf pairs, 40 equines, 750 sheep or goats, or a combination of live animals with a total weight of 90,000 pounds.

Contact the District to ask about signing up for the nutrient management planning program through RCPP.

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